17Th Century Carved Paneled Chest Dated 1648

17Th Century Carved Paneled Chest Dated 1648

This is a beauty, a chest of many stories, starting in the mid 17th century when it was presumably owned by someone bearing the initials M.B.. Going by the year '1648', this chest would have been knocking about during the execution of Charles I, been carried through Cromwellian England, through the restoration, the Georgians....

Moving forward in time, we now have the Story of a public execution... It appears as if a Victorian upcycler decided to cover the inside in a copy of the local Salisbury newspaper from March 1841. It all makes for interesting reading, but the most fascinating is the story of the public execution of pig dealer and landlord James Taylor of Salisbury, who caught his wife having ""illicit intercourse"" with a railway labourer - one of James's tenants. So he shot her. On the day of James's execution, his first words when greeted by the officers were ""give me a pint of gin..."". Now who can't relate to that? Although he did follow that up with ""I'm glad I killed my wife, I'd do it again..."" after he danced down to the gallows.

We now have a new story for the chest. I bought this from a retired gentleman who said it had been his mother's for as long as he can remember. His family were from Salisbury - just up the road in Wiltshire - which ties in with the newspaper. He was able to point me to the stories from the newspaper that he remembered reading as a child and also showed me where his father had a go at stripping the top of the chest but had given up. 

The chest now awaits its next story...

This chest is in excellent condition, especially when considering its age. The original wire hinges have long since been replaced with iron strap hinges, secured with hand forged rose headed nails. There is a little bit of movement in this top but it isn't going anywhere. 

Width: 1254mm, (49 In)
Depth: 537mm,  (21 In)
Height: 574mm, (23 In)

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