17th Century Solid Oak Mule Chest With Two Drawer

17th Century Solid Oak Mule Chest With Two Drawer

A beautiful solid oak panelled mule chest with two lower drawers. One of the many things I love about antiques is the fact that some pieces show how furniture has evolved over the years, lead by both functional and social changes. This mule chest is a classic example of this.


There are many theories on how the mule chest got it name. Unfortunately, this was not from the fact that you'd chuck your chest on a mule in the hope of making a quick getaway should your village come under attack - this was one of my early theories. I think the most sensible one is that the mule chest is a transitional piece, a hybrid between the standard chests of the past with no drawers, and the chest of drawers that we know and love today, just as a mule is the hybrid between and donkey and a horse.


In short, people started to realise that having to root around in a chest to find that one thing you need - that was invariably at the bottom with everything else piled on top - was a bit of a pain! At the same time, nice "possessions" became more of a thing, and you didnt want them getting lost among blankets and clothing. So, someone had the great idea to add a drawer, or two, to the bottom of the chest, to compartmentalise your trinkets and reach them easily.


In short, this is a gorgeous solid oak mule chest, Circa 17th century with original wire hinges, two lower drawers and beautiful colour and form. The chest is in excellent, solid condition. There is a small repair to the top right panel where the panel has previously split - probably caused by someone using the top as a seat. See picture. Otherwise, a beautiful, charming piece of antique history.



Width: 1118mm, (44 In)

Depth: 501mm, (20 In)

Height: 673mm, (26 In)


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