Superb C17th six-plank blanket chest

Superb C17th six-plank blanket chest

This is a stunning 17th century six plank chest in elm. 

Six plank chests were one of the earliest forms of furniture and storage dating from as early as 1200 AD, and remained popular for hundreds of years with country carpenters making them up until the late 18th century. 

It was common for chests like these to be the only piece of furniture in a simple home, and although primarily used to store valuables (hence the presence of an elaborate lock) they were also used as seating, and even a table. They date from a time when the country was less stable and people might need to move quickly, hence storing everything important in one item and not having too much to move. It was only in later centuries when things became more settled and social change meant people had greater personal and social needs for a whole range of furniture (and there was time to ""evolve"" this piece into more practical forms like the mule chest, and, eventually, chests of drawers).

This chest features original wire loop hinges - which is nice as these often failed and got replaced with butt hinges - and a candle box, actually used to hold fresh smelling herbs and spices to keep the contents of the chest fresh, as opposed to candles. The legs are designed to keep it off the floor and away from damp, often prevalent in homes of the time.

This chest is in good solid condition with all wear commensurate with age. The chest has some historic worm holes - I would question it if it didn't. These are definitely historic but I've treated it for peace of mind. The front, top and sides of the chest has been ebonised at some point, probably during the Victorian period, but the back and inside are beautiful, raw, untreated elm. The internal lock mechanism is missing but the original escutcheon is in place. A beautiful example of the classic six plank chest - a great piece of simple, classic design, and an important remnant of furniture in social history.

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